Monday, April 5, 2010

Retire Age Move to 60!

Civil Service Retirement Age Move to 60! (click to see malaysia insider article)

Siao boh!!! During 2008 they move from 56 to 58. Limpek count count… abit boh ngam lor! Limpek now 28 lah, based on this year need 32 more years only c
an retire (at 60). But ha, if every two years the ccb gahmen wan to propose two years delay, that means going at this rate, by 60 years old (32 years later), will increase 32 years already! That means based on the giraff…. limpek can only retire at... 92 years old!!!


Like that?! --->

This gahmen really puah bai wan!! Already limpek everyday smoke Marlboro smoke until lung black black, want to live until 92 years old already is tok kok sing song liao. Can live until 60 also must curi curi laugh already. Ccb want to work until 92 years old only can get pencen? This is the pencen our puah bai gahmen will give you?

Kaninah easy, no need send poslaju no need maybank2u. Put your name burn in the kitchen can already.

KI SI LA!!! Talk cock!!! Then this article continue somemore to try and justify it:

“ It is understood that Cuepacs favours the change, having once submitted a memorandum to raise the retirement age to 60 as seen in other countries or 62 in the case of Singapore.”

Waraoeh! want to compare with Singapore! We already know Singaporeans all sampat crazy work until ki siao wan mah. All work until jump from HDB wan. Their big boss Lee also become walking corpse already still want to influence wat. We want to follow?

This cipet gahmen always like this smart in comparing wan. When people say they no democratic, gahmen will compare to Myanmar or Burma or those puah bai countries everyday fight and kill by dictators wan. Then say Malaysia sibeh good. Only got cow-head protest. When people say they got no development, gahmen will compare to Sri Lanka, Pakistan or those puah bai countries people pangsai at the roadside wan. Then say Malaysia got F1 circuit, twin tower. Twin lampah la! Ask them compare first-world countries or those country rich with natural resources wan and see? Why cannot compare with the best must always compare with poorer countries?? How come we buy car also must take 7 years to finish pay? By the time the car is really yours, your brand new Honda civic also become classic collector vintage civic no longer in production liao. Or you can buy the milo tin proton. Once accident, can say bye bye liao u also become milo powder. Can burn more Hell money. In other modern countries, where got buy car pay in almost a decade wan ah hia!?

And then the house. Buy 1 lampah house pay in 10-20 years. You buy a puppy the puppy also become old and die already, the house still not yours! Puah bai!

Then suddenly my boss say "you kaupeh what... that is just for the government servants. Dont let them retire mah good la. Already they so lazy and never do anything, retire already langsung no need to work. Dont even have to pretend to be busy while surfing facebook. Who pay? We pay leh. Government servants? ki si lah!"

sweat. My boss knows about the staff's daily facebook slacking.

"then boss, when u think is good to retire?"

"retire for fucks ah? I not going to retire until at least 70 la!"



  1. wahh thank u thank u!!limpek wan to cry already. hot ger say uncle funny... when limpek sit in kopitiam tok tok nobody think funny. The bangala also shake head. Kaninah people nowadays.

  2. agree with you bro! we pay tax to goverment and only this what we can get? totally shit! last time the goverment build the public use meh?have timer some more. once go inside and forgot pay full amount of time, make cake half way then the door open automaticly.CCB toilet!


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