Friday, April 9, 2010

Further Ninja Info and Knock On Door Malaysian Prostitutes

spurred by hot ger DBKL chin because she make me wet my pants feel inspired, I investigate the ninjas further

I fought all their behs...

and then rip off the mask of their Malaysia division commander

he tried to bribe me with sex offers, limpek was tempted by the sotong lips... but the misai tickling limpek's balls, cannot la.

edit: pic taken was edited randomly from online pictures, pic is fake! Please dont throw me in jail. I dont like to kena cucuk backside.

then i found out the leader for the World Ninja Organization...

FUAAAA doesnt the ass just make you want to bury your face there? Tiger is really kaulat. DBKLChin's dream come true liao. No need to investigate further. Case close! (before I really masuk Kamunting).

Ok back on track, 2 days ago got a call from Weeman. So Weeman told me, the night before supposed to loot this girl, Kim her name. Tobby ajak him wan, introduced by this chicken worm Ah Chai. Ah Chai say until she how good how wonderful, as though Kim wrote the book on Kanna Sutra.

So Tobby being the ‘Number One Chicken Worm’, don’t try also cannot wan lor. This Tobby is super jialat disturbingly hamsap wan. In his 30 years of life, he had loot almost a thousand girls liao. And being close to him, limpek can confirm that it is true. But of course almost 95% of the girls are professional chicken la. But still, a thousand girls at 30 years old? Something is just wrong with his head. And he self admitted he pak zui cheng at least 3 times a day. Kaninah this kind of sick hamsap… really cannot save already. Lucky he got money to burn, if not he will go and fuck the pillow kepit together everyday. That time want to sleep also he will feel smelly.

So he ajak Weeman to go loot this Kim, staying at KL Cheras condo. She is those local freelance one, marketing by word of mouth wan. Those you call ahead to book (if want to confirm) or you can go straight and knock on door.

Those type I really dont like lor. Its a real nabeh system. You go there, knock-knock, open door then see her okay, then loot.

But what if knock-knock, open door, liddat -->

Then how? ... Jialat lor how

You cannot just say “Eh erm, ahmoi, I suddenly want to pangsai la. Bye bye!” and leave. Why?

  1. That is just a very cibai thing to do to a person (yes, a chicken is still a person. People also got feelings wan).
  2. You spoil the reputation for the person who give you contact. Next time nobody wan to intro you liao lor.

So Weeman, being just as chikopek as Tobby, of course said yes la. I assumed one was going to wait for another. Weeman took off from work early, giving some cock excuse to the boss and snuck off. No wonder economy cannot recover but the xiao long nus can still earn RM30k monthly. Kaninah last time employees all ponteng go drink teh. Now ponteng all go drink milk. Malaysians really know how to enjoy.

Mana tau when he called Tobby to meet up and go together

“Eh, cancel la, today cannot la. I forgot that I promised others to play football”

“Har? Football lanjiao ah! Walaoeh ah hia… now you tell me. I didnt pak zui cheng two days already lehh, keep alot ammo for today liao. Factory over production! Going to fire 2 full cannons. Now you wanna give me blue balls?"

"Aiyo boh huat. I promised last week d"

“You really kanineh wan. Then nevermind la you just give me the contact I will go myself”

“Erm… Dowan la. Wait first la”

“Har? Why? Wait what?”

“Next time la… next time we go together..”

“Har? Why la? I can go first mah”



“I... I want to loot her first la...”


You say got tulan anot? This kind of fucker... find ayam also must kiasu.

I think Weeman should just wait. Then next time Tobby go, he just follow along. Then let him loot first. Halfway while he's having fun poking her, Weeman go behind him and give him surprise ram up his kah ch'ng. Wahahaha. See if he will accidentally ejaculate. Hahaha.

Okay but the next night we did go out to have fun. Post it up tomoro. Sibeh sleepy liao so late. Photoshop and blogging really quite tiring wan. No wonder the cheesie hot ger become so skinny. But donno why kenny sia still so fat. Tomoro la

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