Thursday, April 15, 2010

Daniel Wu and Hollywood

Short post today, limpek going for a short vacation.

My friend keep insisting that the burka army lady in the pic i posted before look like Daniel Wu. Got meh?


got mehh???

Siao la. Where got same. Sibeh khong kham. I think he is just jealous because people more hemsem. He only qualified to be Daniel's Shoe. But limpek must agree he look suitable for that pic also. Got alot of Sha Qi (killing aura)!!!

Maybe can consider do a movie? Like how the angmoh now like to make terrorist movie donno what hurt locker, the green zone, black cock down and those nonsense. You know those angmoh la, everything also must hero. Other race slowly take turn to be their bad guys. Sibeh nah lan. The black people all rapper, gangster, stay as sidekick make stupid jokes. The chinese all pai kia, kung fu, sibeh ah beng type. The italians, all mafia, tok love here tok love there, hair oily oily. The japanese, all sibeh hi tech, sibeh hamsap and gugujiao very small. The arabs all look very smelly, wan to bomb themselves. Puah bai hollywood. Eat shit la.

You see how hero they are? if an angmoh want to become samurai, he can learn in few days and become top samurai and kill all the japanese samurai and fuck your japanese wife. If an angmoh want to become top blue 8 foot alien creature, he can come learn swing your trees ride your dragon and become top blue 8 foot alien. And then fuck your blue alien tribe princess. If angmoh wan to become super sakai, he can learn make fire and dance cha cha with the wolf and become top sakai.

So dont play play. Hollywood say: No matter what you do, if the angmoh want, the angmoh can do better. Limpek say: Hollywood, suck my lampah. I am sure you can do that better.

Jenna Jameson really can though.

But too bad alot of asians really believe that. The white man's burden thing where the angmohs are responsible to educate and make us more civilized and become ultimate beings like them. Thats why alot of sarong party girls out there love the angmohs to party in their sarongs.

But make no mistake!!! Godzilla is made in Japan!! GOJIRA they call it!!! And now, it resides in MALAYSIA! and in the full custody of Goldfish Uncle.

Back to the movie... maybe Daniel Wu should really consider. He already got the tulan look liao. He can play emo emo and look very hurt. Like they canto people always say... "NGO HOU HURT GA... NEI ZHI MA? zhan hai hou HURRTT gaaa". It's cool yaw. Can bring a change to Hong Kong movie industry no?

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