Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Iron Man 2 Malaysia Release, War Machine and James Bond evolution

Malaysia Release: 30 APRIL 2010

Iron Man 2 sioottttt... I mean, what more can you ask for? Ahh but of course just like orgasms we cannot help but want more more more!!! so they give you


Scarlett "tetek" johansson as Black Widow . Olivia munn as Iron Maiden (?) limpek donno hamilan is that. Iron maiden is not a metal band meh?

And the most stim cum on face wan of course is --->


Although as expected, the Malaysian language will probably just butcher the translation into something like "MESIN PERANG". Walaoeh. Or "Jentera Perang"? It'll be something like,

Kini membuka di semua pawagam..... ORANG BESI 2 !!! Juga mempamerkan watak Jentera Perang, Janda Hitam, Pompuan Besi dan.... wah kanineh whiplash is what ar? Si Momentum Yang Menolak Balik Sesuatu Tenaga Yang Dihalakan Sesuatu Arah?

Sori la, quite obvious limpek Bahasa is fail along with Fizik.

But Don Cheaddle as Jentera Perang... abit fail lor dont you think? I mean, look at him:

I mean, he's like Mr Hotel Rwanda lor. How to expect him to kick ass?

nahbeh, abit beh tahan lor. War Machine is like, stim stim shiny shiny somemore got tua tua ki gun on the shoulder (as if want to compensate on the metal emptiness down there in the metal speedos). But the tua tua ki gun on the shoulder is sibeh steady. Carry around one tua tua ki shiny shiny dick gun, limpek think sibeh got psychological sex appeal lor. Holywood also know. Thats why you see James Bond gun... last time like this

start with soi soi ki, skinny skinny wan

then the shaft thickens abit, overall more filling

whoa then tua tua ki t'ng t'ng already, somemore got head extension

=_=''' .... "limpek soot ka ee hao ar!!"

So you see, tua tua ki really make a difference wan. People want to see tua tua ki. Guys want to see what objects can secretly compensate for their natural small guns. Girls want to see because see liao actually feel quite song, panties abit moist. Dr Freud the hamsap doctor got explain before this is call "Penis Envy". He say the girls actually also longing for a penis. The more tua ki penis the more 'sha qi' (killing aura). Thats why gun can represent penis. They also want to hold it and have it and feel powderful. Why? Limpek also donno. Siao? Limpek donno also you better ask Dr. Freud.

So based on the trend of dick gun getting more tua ki, limpek think couple years from now James Bond will be like this.... with Robert Pattinson lipstick boy because he's young and alot girls wet their panties when they see him --->

tua ki enough for you?

oh by the way if you're hot chio bu and bored and want to watch Ironman 2 with lonely limpek, please let me know. I will be very polite and good and buy you ticket and popcorns and drinks and promise wont touch your nehneh halfway.


  1. lol...uncle goldfish....tats too tua ki already :-P

  2. only a matter of time laaa... not just tua ki, next time they will want multiple zoi zoi ki!


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