Monday, July 12, 2010

Swimming in Beer

Viva Español!!!

Gracias for the 64 jugs of beer!

now limpek really need to get some sleep... reply tmr

hailat, still gotta work


  1. I love the way you draw... you could reall draw!!!
    Don't drink and drive, kena saman then jialat

  2. it looks like singing and dancing in the beer... very cute!

  3. blutank, malaysia saman, rm20 only! Hahahaha

    kelv, shouldnt be mah if you took holland. The odds were eat fair half, wouldve won half! unless u bet on holl winning the cup!

    momo, its doing the spanish Paso Doble in the beer lol

    Hot thb, missing one spanish bull... glass not big enough

  4. GOLD FISH UNCLE!!! U got go for the blog awards or not? When the Emcee read out the nominees (which is ur blog) EVERYONE HAD A GOOD LAUGH!

  5. I dun care about Spain.. only love Germany!!!

  6. dbl, goodla liddat, limpek's blog serve its purpose liao lor. You also went ar?? shit man.. everybody also went! damn miss out

    jenn, then like dbl, your germany went down down down down down. TEE HEE!!!


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