Friday, July 23, 2010

Cannot die so easy wan

Words have been scarce. Nevermind the fact that limpek wrote a full 2 page entry on monday, fell asleep and knocked the company laptop off the bed. Thus causing the ancient machine to freeze, and then restart, and the entire entry gone along with it. Would've been fine if limpek wrote it while online because of the autosave thing... but this ancient piece of shit doesnt have wireless (god knows who fucked it up). Well basically, words have been scarce... and the lost of one full entry make limpek sien kah na lan.

Limpek had always been better at taking a long time off to write one huge long piece essay rather than these short outbursts required by blogs. Hence limpek's not a good blogger. And even worse will be something like Twitter; constantly updating with a sentence or two about the most boh-liao stuff. Limpek never got the whole idea about Twitter. Despite the fact that a great blogger once said that Twitter sounds like a short lanjiao. Limpek also concur, Gojira is everything but 'ter'.

But then again everyone seems to like Twitter. Reading a random statement every other minute from someone is very syok meh? I mean, what is limpek gonna say on my twitter? Limpek now taking a shit in KLCC. 2 minutes later update, limpek push until face green, the head finally pop out liao. Then 2 minutes later, Damn, went back in. Then 2 minutes later, hailat, forgot to bring tissue. Kanineh like that also want to report ar?

But still people love Twitter. Seefatt Chang also told me blog cannot survive without Twitter. What the flying fuck. Maybe limpek will just get Twitter then... but call it Twi-teng. Twi-tua also can. Then will make sure to update whenever limpek go pangsai.

Limpek was sent outstation for a few days also, busy kena bite by mosquito so no time to blog. Kanineh la, proper laptop also dont have, you teach me how to blog! Block mosquito also beh hu beh hu. Come back only then boss ask to become cow become dog. Really kanasai. Since limpek decided not to resign (hard to find similar pay at this age and economy), the boss keep taruk limpek with work.

Maybe he trying to sabo limpek? Fuck it, limpek like cockroach wont die so easy wan.

Just like alot of bloggers want to sabo limpek's blog, want this blog to die. Limpek dont know why they must act hero and diss or make fun of the blog. For some reason, most are the very ugly bloggers. They say cannot accept limpek's blog.... puahcibai limpek also cannot accept their face wat. You dont see limpek go kaupeh kaubu online also? Knn gong cipet

But anyway limpek also fuck them no free la. If got time to layan limpek might as well go polish the boss's testicles before he give me more shit.

But got few bloggers very nice and generous to spend time on limpek's blog, and even mention it on theirs. Limpek always feel very humbled when it happens. Like jz, nana and most recently uber hot model blogger Chrispytine. Limpek want to say thank you for the generous promotion its so nice of you all. When other puahbai bloggers bashed limpek, which is quite expected, you all gave limpek a reading chance. If limpek see you all outside limpek will give you a hug and kiss and free massage okay? Satisfaction gerenti wan.

Chrispytine wrote this on her entry:

My favourite blog out of all the nominees is this very ham sup but hilarious blog. You need abit of patience when you start off reading though. As its mostly in dialects and spelt accordingly. His hum sup illustrations are office and living room friendly. I was looking forward to seeing this man in person (will he look like a pervert or a dashing young man?), alas he still remains a mystery."

Limpek read liao also eyes wet wet. Wan lai limpek's C-grade blog also can be considered favorite. By uber hot ger somemore. Kamsia kamsia Chrispy. Limpek assure you limpek look like an old dashing perverted young man. This kind of combination very hard to explain. Only can show. Actually limpek also love to read her blog whenever got time. Her blog is good stuff and her bikini pics can nose bleed wan. Limpek think maybe we should do a joint blog. This will be our banner...

I know. Damn stim right? Limpek is actually so en-tao and Chrispy so chio ger. The banner so romantic macam the Yang Guo and Xiao Long Nu. Nola Chrispy dont angry first. Limpek didnt mean the chinagirl xiao long nu. Only the most positive associations! We will be San Diu Hap Lui!!! (diu not the fuck diu okay)


Limpek must say this John is a very stupid person. Obviously this is limpek, not Yutaki. Yutaki look like this one...

See? notice got slight difference wan. Limpek like, maybe 5% more entao than yutaki.

Stupid John say "Fuck off!"

Okay fine... maybe that might not be limpek, but limpek also got about 95% look like that entao.

Stupid John say "If yutaki is a beautiful phoenix, you are like the shit from the phoenix's asshole".

knnccb. At least its still literally hot shit. T_T

On a last note, limpek finally cross the 10,000 hit in the counter liao. Its such a happy thing, limpek remember keep loading the website to touch the 10 total. Then keep asking limpek's useless porno-surfing friends to keep loading goldfishuncle to hit the 100 total. Then join the sg awards reach 1000 total. Finally six month later since birth, reloading and reloading until finger also pong pah already.... reach 10000 liao. WOOOO HOOOO!!!!

But apparently that is like, total of 1 day hit for the hot ger bloggers qiuqiu or xuesha.

Nehmind.... limpek still happy. Like cockroach, cannot die so easy wan.


  1. 6 months 10000 is fast~
    But i 8 months 30000++ XD *hao lian*

  2. i also intro your blog to my fren, no one will dislike your blog if they really read through it.

  3. so fast ehhhhhhhhhh, jealous jealous.

  4. hahaha...kudos to u! I enjoy reading ur blog every other day! (ever since I came across it cos of the blog awards =) u nvr fail to make me burst out laughing...and whenever i do so, people surrounding me thinks im SIAO! but after i intro your blog to them...they are laughing as hard as me...ROFL...
    BRAVOS!! I really salute your sense of humour..but i think its like you no need to try also have one..."natural talent" congrats!

  5. heeheehee...the photo you photoshopped..i look like i'm being strangled by "you". Play SM ar?!?

  6. I think I've contributed sekurang kurang 100hits for you..I like ur blog so much, login eveyday before I zzz..zz and sometime during work..jz like others, I'm also very looking forward to see how this hamsap goldfish uncle looks like..actually I'm also a blogger, my blog in Chinese ( uncle faham teng nang bo?), but I'm in low profile, blogging since 2008 but the counter hit less then 5k..tat why you are my hero :-p
    Besides, I'm also not dare to register as ur follower, as scare of my photo tiao Photoshop juga..but may be I also think too much liao lah..wo bo sui uncle bo heng chu Photoshop..hehe

  7. kelv, bugger! so hoh seh ar!? never teach me how!

    bluet, got alot!! those menopause aunties and holier-than-thou uncles! but kamsia 4 support!

    nana, very slow liao la! its just few ppl clicking many times hahahaah. See kelv's hits?? thats fast!

  8. nattiong! if this is a talent limpek mah very cham... cannot be put to use to make money wan. But can entertain u hot ger consider fruitful liao la hor

    chrispy... limpek edit until so romantic u say limpek strangle u... But actually the hamsap hand going downwards slowly.. HUA HUA HUA

    kampunggal, no worries limpek also kampungboy... so will only photoshop nice nice for u. If not will kena scold again like last time hot ger dblc.

  9. i like i like.its damn funnie!!Just trying to be cheeky back. ok, fail. I'm honoured. Thanks, i'm saving this picture. ho ho ho.

  10. awesome, way to go! U deserve more readers! and to those who tried to put u down, u can swan dive into their assholes.

  11. THB, yes limpek shall listen to my hot lovely queen THB. No fuck the haters

    Xtine, limpek already set as laptop wallpaper. Doing very immoral things to it. Will only remove when Yutaki sue

    DBL, wahrao! Divine-Diving-Swan-Into-Asshole... that skill limpek havent learn la! From which chapter wan? U deserve all of limpeks hearts

  12. hi.unclegold fish..i just came into yr blog not long ago..n luv the way u
    portray things n realistic , interesting n brings laughters n joys which i believe to a lots of ppl not only me..well.. it's kind of sad that u wish to slow down on yr blogging..sometimes in life..we kind of hv stagnantcy in things we do but as long as we believe in wat we're doing n find the worth in'll be a breakthru..keep it up..limpek support u!!


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