Friday, July 9, 2010

A Match More Important Than World Cup Finals

Have you heard about the match?

Some rich senile old men arranged to have the most 'exciting' football match ever...

Die Mannschaft



That's right, you better be excited.

And no, that guy there is not the Ramly burger seller at the corner of your neighborhood.

Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) says "... we believe this exposure will cultivate the young talents of Malaysian footballers. Some of whom we personally believe are good enough to be playing in the international field. We are certain from this experience and media coverage, renowned clubs like Chelsea, Barcelona, Intermilan, etc will be swarming to sign in our local talents. We feel that this is the best decision we've ever made in the interest of football fans worldwide and the Malaysian nation."

And then they went on to say "... after studying the formation and strategies that Joachim employs for the German team, we have rather high confidence that the Malaysian team will emerge the winner. By employing quick long-ball tactics, we are certain in gaining the upper hand and win the German team. The real question is, winning by how many goals."

oh wait, here comes the best part...

the miraculous oracle PAUL the prophesying OCTOPUS was consulted to give his input...


we rawkzarrr yawww!!!!

Paul the Octopus picture sent by Tiong Beng... no idea who edited it. Damn good job though!
Sorry FAM, dont sue me pls.


  1. isley, you and momo are both sick. God is in those tentacles! How can you eat God!?!


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