Saturday, July 3, 2010

Brazil Is Out, World Cup Starts Sucking

Brazil is gone.... limpek cannot believe it.

along with a month's salary

not that limpek didnt wanna listen to the previous poll, but the results were too spread out (and besides, limpek really love the Brazilian team.) minus cibai filipe melo

after watching all the teams play in this World Cup,
limpek still think... they were the best


  1. wow a month's salary... Do you have the world cup sticker book too?

  2. puahbai..... these 2 games also lose.
    No sticker book la, thats so nerdy. Kelv, almost bankrap liao... u want buy me beer and watermelon pls T_T?
    Dbl.... germany rock, limpek eat rock... T_T

  3. Spain! Spain!! Spain!!!

    Eh... no choice la brother, lim peh work in a Spainish Company, must support a bit

  4. wahh so chio?? got hot spanish ger boh?? limpek also wan to apply... u need assistant?


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