Saturday, July 10, 2010

Quick note

Its too bad limpek couldn't make it to the SG Blog Awards. Limpek was quite keen to go also, can meet up with all those bloggers. Somemore can see all the chio modelling bloggers... stim man!

But G.I Joe, limpek's brader in SG will be in shift so wont be in town. That puahbai... people drive car he drive jet planes wan sibeh song. And get paid shitload doing so. Without him driving limpek around, sure end up lost somewhere in Geylang. Or the new casino.

Somemore tonight already plan to watch the 3rd placing game with the other chikopeks in KL. Getting ready to go out now... but limpek just wanted to drop a message before leaving.

Good luck to all the finalists at the awards, limpek really wish can be there to tumpang glamor with you all. Good luck yu-kym, butterfly, ms.chorlor, chrispytine, pekchek and few others limpek really think should win. All the best and finish up limpek's share of the beer dont waste! And snap more photos of the hot modelling bloggers pls!!

Kam sia


  1. U didn't miss anything la. They look better on their blogs after photoshop...

  2. Limpek saw your pic!! You lagi chio!!!

  3. wah lan I just saw ur comment! So SAD didn't get to c u !


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