Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Netherland 3 : Uruguay 2 KNN CCB

Kanineh Holland... always pull this kind of shit. Limpek take Holland give 1/2 - 1 ball, 90 minutes oon oon eat bee hoon already thought can win full. Last minute give in an easy goal like that. Ciiibaaaiiiii only win half!!! Reduce rm600 suddenly!!
Mah cipet 2 bottles of whiskey down the drain. Somemore limpek buy open small, since holland always play like kiasi liddat. Suddenly turn out 5 goals.. wahpiang!

Just like during game against Slovakia, give 1 ball. 93 minutes already 2-0 oon oon eat bee hoon mah. Fucking 93 minutes 30 something seconds let in goal 2-1. Win nothing. Chaoo ci baiiii!

Then somemore put Brazil out and make limpek lose big time.

The cibai mamak crowd also sibeh nahlan wan. With all those fucking mat rempits mocking, sneering and making noise like fucking monkeys. Limpek also feel like throwing my chapati at them. Wanna cheer, cheer properly la, no need to be such paria fans.

Kanineh Holland really damn kau suey wan. Waste limpek's effort wear orange boxers for good luck. Somemore eat so many oranges now feel like going to cough.

Limpek hope Spain will kill them kau kau.

That is... if Spain can even survive the blardy German Nazis...


  1. Tell u wat, buy different from wat u really think, maybe u can win gau gau.

    I once bought lottery and purposely buy 1 number different. Won SG2000 bucks~

  2. Kelv, even if buy 1 number different, meaning still gotta buy 9 extra different numbers leh!! Everytime liddat mah bankrap! Nvm... limpek just follow Dr. Octopus prediction

    Momo, aiyo limpek emo until become nemo liao keep losing like cipet


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