Monday, May 24, 2010

Don't play play! E-mail as modern business communication tool. Very serious consultations men do online.


Its true limpek actually discussed this together with Weeman before. Limpek got a friend that open a few studios in K.L to teach dancing wan, so she knows alot of rich aunties. She say those rich aunties very rich and horny but nobody want to accompany. The husbands all also busy outside fucking some xiao long nu or filipino GRO. So they always go to her studio look for her to talk about hamsap things. Until she also feel very sien with the aunties. That was when limpek and Weeman ask her to start offering our services to them since we all also quite bored and broke and horny.

So ngam lately it was brought up again by limpek's brother Cliffard on our group e-mail. Cliffard last time say before, which is very true, "we all do everything also boh gau (not smart). Make money boh gau. Spend money also boh gau. Study boh gau, but wanna become pai kia also boh hami gau. Only thing that we sibeh gau is fucking. Everything else cannot do properly. Only fucking that time like sibeh gau... We are really puahbai!"

So come to think of it, might as well just make money out of something that we are good at? Limpek also think its time Gojira start to feed me instead of limpek feeding Gojira. Feed until so big giant already but never financially benefit me. Really got no real use wan that monster. Only know how to poke and puke.

The chikopekmail continues on after that.

No point let Weeman earn anything more wan. He's already thinking about spending the money back to xiao long nus. If its considered 'cleansing', by the rate he's going, Weeman is so 'cleansed' that his sweat can be used as antibacterial wash. Stupid puah bai.

then I think Tiong Beng got abit carried away...

Yes, now we realize Tiong Beng also enjoys drinking cum. We learn something new everyday...

And you thought a bunch of guys really have anything better to talk about? This is what happens when a bunch of immoral chikopeks starts emailing each other.

So next time you see guys looking so serious in front of their computer, as though got some million dollar email to attend to... dont believe these puahbais. Most likely they are also flying nonsense e-mails like these, while trying to look like sibeh kut lat working. Hahaha. Just like what your boss is doing at this minute. You can see them in Starbucks or Coffee Bean all the time, like sibeh busy online like that.

Or maybe only limpek and chikopeks are so mm jia lan. What you think? You really got so many important emails to attend to meh?

Tomorrow limpek post limpek's reply to them. You will see the process of our progress to finalizing the goldfish gigolo services project.
Wish us luck and witness the birth of malaysia's next top gigolo agency. Until then...


  1. Hahahaha, i thought these conversations only will appear in msn XD

  2. yah email so slow... shld msn and see realtime response, more shiok mah

    anywayz, wish you success in ur new venture

  3. cannot msn la... boss see msn sure know up to no good. Boss see e-mail, can still pretend to be doing million dollar business!!

    thanku ah mo! go goldfish gigolo!


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