Monday, June 14, 2010

Long Post If Got D Cup. But Now Short Post Because Of World Cup!

Its world cup season. So give limpek a chance to watch football. Although to be honest, limpek dont really care too much about football. But limpek see the chikopeks everyday bet football, win here win there, like money so easy to earn. Win thousands of ringgit each night, but go out that time never see them buy limpek drinks. Puahbai assholes. Limpek somemore have to lick balls and let contractors fuck until sun goes down only can smell that kind of money.

SMELL only.

Because after deduct all the shit we have to pay the gahmen (worst investment ever), and then deduct all the bills and credit card, then maybe only armpit hair is left.

Oh yes, by the way, we do PAY the gahmen taxes, yes? So how come they treat us like we work for them instead?

So limpek trying to learn more football and try win money. There's an office pool with limpek's chikopek friends involved also. Everybody gets to pick one team to win the Cup. Limpek picked Spain. If Spain wins the World Cup, limpek will win 64 jugs of beer. Wahlaoeh puahbai! Thats like, 3 months supply of free happy hour liao! Sibeh steady!

Then if got this ger to come serve the free beer.... WAH STEADY!!!

disclaimer: pic found in google. Limpek's ger friends not so steady

Actually limpek also dont know what team good, but hear Hitz FM Morning Crew say most Malaysians think Spain will win. So mah follow wisdom of the crowd lor. But maybe not a good idea hor, since a bunch of Malaysians crowd together usually end up do stupid things wan. Like, voting for this gahmen.

But at least better than Tobby pick England. Yesterday in Zouk watch England play, wahaha!, shit!, how to win world cup like that! USA the lampah team also they play until like playing Brazil. But then see Argentina like very kaulat also feel abit scared. Hopefully their psycho maradonut manager will self destruct the team.


So hopefully Spain will oon-oon-eat bee hoon, steady pom-pi-pi!!! Go Go Spain!!! Go Go 64 Jugs!!

Limpek going to be like this, sipping on the free 64 jugs of beer. Since you all keep asking limpek to post limpek's picture. Suan le ba, limpek post one now.


Como Estas babehh, are you down down down down down?

Sexy leh... Told you limpek no bluff wan. Limpek also think limpek sibeh jialat sexy.

What? You dont believe it's limpek? Why you so untrusting of people wan? It is so limpek okay.

What? You say its angmoh? Eh... why you like that one? Limpek cannot have 1/32 angmoh blood wan ar? Maybe last time limpek's great grandmother was Portuguese?
You look at the necklace, it clearly says "Goldfish".

What?? You say limpek draw on it wan?? Why you like that wan?? Teacher never tell you cannot be so untrusting towards everybody wan?

Suan le ba, suan le ba. Limpek try to convince you also tulan.

On a sidenote, check out this puahbai angmoh who calls himself aussie pete. Another finalist in the awards. According to Pete (on video interview), limpek's blog is about my uncle and his goldfish. HAHAHAHA. Angmoh really powderful wan hor... no need to read or understand your blog also they can say you're funny. Limpek also char lan dou (grab balls) -_- ...

Sorry la Pete if limpek's blog "lacks substance and quality". You can file an NCR with limpek's ISO on the Q&S department. But limpek's blog has always been ciplak like that.

But anyway, limpek think Ms.Chorlor or Fauzi's blog is gonna kick your ass for the awards, even if you think they're just all "shock and awe" or "splattering life-size image of themselves". Unless hot ger THB is right and they already know you're their winner. (Pete is supposed to be some big shot anyway, according to himself). As for limpek's little small-time blog, already gain a few more readers so target achieved liao. So dont kaupeh about this small potato blog ok?


  1. Haha, make sure you have loads of gar lat dai mou lor.

  2. I think his blog in not really "Wat the hell" oso lor~

  3. la blue tanker, yes, money limpek dont have much. Gar lat dai mou limpek more than enuff.

    kelv, limpek also dont know how WTH blogs can be full of substance and quality. Entertaining can already la walaoeh write newspaper meh! If you join ar, you can tapao him la kelv.

  4. Hey limpek - I gave u a plug... They asked me who I thought could win and I said u!! What's up bro?? U can tell me all about it at the awards ceremony anyway. :)

    Aussie Pete


    I doubt if he can understand what you write anyway, and there's his comment above me LMAO!

  6. hahaha dont mind me pete, I just didnt get how you thought i could win if you have no clue what it is I write about. Downplaying the other bloggers wasnt very nice though. Well anyway, maybe I'd really write about my uncle and his goldfish one day. Just for you. I'd even take grammar lessons just so you can understand the entry (maybe throw in some serious worldly issues as well so you wont get bored?). Oh and i'll try not to curse (though that'll be almost impossible). ;)

    Jz, nabey words really pusing so fast in the net already he activate PR defense liao.

  7. nice picture, but it's not 啤酒 that comes out of her neh neh loh....

  8. Its all about balls again.....
    I believe is you in that hunk's body (showing my innocent eyes). hahaha. Small potato also can la, kecik kecik lama lama jadi besar.

  9. he calls u "limpek"... hahaha... probably thinking why this limpek fella keeps referring to himself in 3rd person.

  10. Secret Admirer, also goldfish species don't worry we are compatibleJune 16, 2010 at 7:44 PM

    Love your blog, kisses! Sayang you, don't angry already ok?

  11. BTC, WAHAHAHA what do you supposed it is then

    Nana, got about balls meh!?!!? how so!?!?

    kou lou, hahaha yea man, officially become Mr. Limpek... wtf..

    Secret Admirer... wtf.... Weeman, its so obvious

  12. ball = object kicking by men
    ball = man with balls = uncle
    ball in plural = balls


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