Sunday, August 22, 2010

Baja Hitam

Continuation from 'Superman' of last post.

This reminds limpek of a story...

A nong nong time ago, Grandpa had a Vespa that he used to round the plantation estate with. It was one of those old things that looked like it came straight from World War II. Most of the time, Vespa was dumped in the tooldshed, keeping itself from everybody's way.

But to a 16 year old punk like me (yes, limpek was once 16 too...), it was the One Piece, the ultimate treasure. Whenever I lay eyes on it, it felt like I could be like this...

That's right.

As cool as Rossi.

So without my dad's knowledge, but with Grandpa's permission (Grandpa was always nice to us), I secretly took Vespa to ride to school whenever I could.

School back then in these small kampungs are always so damn far away, so mom was quite happy that she doesn't have to drive me there anymore. Besides, small kampung roads are empty most of the time so it's safe as well.

Boy, did I felt like Rossi in those times...

All the cool boys rode bikes to school back then in the kampung, and limpek also felt so cool that my nipples could cut glass.

Everything to make it as a cool cat, limpek had it all going.

  1. Motorbike. Check.
  2. Square-top hair. Check.
  3. Fake Clip-On Gold Earings. Check.
  4. Unbutton School Shirt. Check.
  5. Plastic Pasar Malam Sunglasses. Check.
  6. Super Baggy Ugly Green Schoolpants Check.
  7. Blowing Smoke Rings with Ciggies. Check.

Limpek felt like all the girls in the kampung will drench their panties if I ever pass by them in my Vespa.

But there was this one girl, that limpek had a major crush on. Pei Ting was her name...

She was the same age, from the neighboring girl school. Limpek always wanted to but never found the balls to talk to her. But limpek knew she always waited at the same bus-stop sharp at 6.45pm every evening.

So finally one day, limpek decided to try and impress her with the Vespa. Limpek imagine myself as Rossi (although nobody had even heard of Rossi then), and Pei Ting was the sexy flag-girl.

'Yes, it's gonna be perfectly cool like that!' that was all limpek could think of.

So limpek flew the Vespa in really close, and for the corner just ahead of the bus-stop limpek had a grand idea.

The great Racer Lean.

For a second there, limpek felt like the Great Spirit of Rossi possessed limpek's body.

limpek felt, like this...

But of course, like what musicians always sing about, "Life isn't always how you want it to be"

The musicians however, failed to mention how different it would be.

But like Yus from the tale before this, pride only comes AFTER a man's fall.

Hey, especially if your one favorite girl is looking, right? You would've done the same.

As I collect the poor Vespa up to stumble away, trying my best to walk straight, a silver lining did appear in the cloud.

Am I okay?





Note to self:
  • She talked to me!
  • Actually limpek could not turn around because the fattened blueblack face streaming with tears and dirt is totally uncool... Un-Rossi.... beh sai...beh sai...
  • The hardest butt caning I ever received from Dad that night.
  • When I saw the way Grandpa looked at the broken Vespa that night, I made a vow never to break his heart like that ever again.


  1. young people do stupid thing. hahaha.
    young is invincible, can't die.
    kesian your grandpa and the vespa.

  2. U r awesome with ur post, as always.

    Unless u really look like Mhu jiat gao lan, if not girls sure like u, Can throw away the Vespa liao.

  3. nana, very stupid meh? limpek sumore thought very hero. Hahahaha. At teen age really cannot die wan though

    dbl, u lagi awesome just for being the hot ger u are. Mhu jiat gao lan hami lai eh?? limpek only look like, gao lan. harharr!!

  4. u manage to draw these images with paint...

    btw, i'm sure Pei Ting wet her panties at your thumbs up post!

    so u dislocated your shoulder har?

  5. Hahahahahaha, but did u 'get' her in the end?

  6. Kelv... he sure didn't get la.. teenage goldfish got no skillz yet... ngam mou?
    maybe goldfish should tell the story how he turn from angst ridden teen goldfish to smooth talking uncle goldfish...

  7. Steady la!! I'm sure Pei Ting will remember you forever one. Grandpa was the lugi one. :P

  8. Pei Ting sounds like a girl I "pu" with her before =D haha

  9. That's what ppl say," Kiang jiu ho, mai gey kiang." hahaha

  10. Awwww..... pity the vespa. Could it be fixed?

    After that didn't try go to the bus stop at 6.45am again ah??

  11. Seriously, wu yeng tiok. Tapi hair must change abit HAHA

  12. 为爱情牺牲,受伤是值得的! 祝你成功追到她...加油!!

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