Thursday, August 19, 2010


So limpek just returned from being stationed at Kuala Krai
to check on some site. Limpek will buy you a beer if you had actually been to Kuala Krai. It's like time-travelling to the past for a week. Thank god they have good Todi there.

Boss sent limpek there just because he want limpek to check on his stupid brat son. His son, typical spoiled brat of rich daddy, usually has one way or another to fuck up our projects. So limpek have to wipe their family's ass. Stupid puahbais.

But this project was actually going alright. The only problem is this HUGE FAT Safety Officer called Ganesh. He is SO HUGE that he couldnt really fit in the site temporary toilet, so he takes his crap in the bushes at the jungle. HAHAHA. Everytime he steps on the steel scaffolding, limpek had to hold my breath and pray it doesnt break.

This Ganesh likes to give us shit about safety. Climb 1 floor also must wear full safety equipment. Alot of work cannot be done with scaffolding, must use skylift. Cigarrette cannot simply smoke. Alot of shit lah basically. Its hampering with work and delaying handover, whatmore with the constant rain nowadays.

So limpek told Spoiled Brat two weeks ago to bribe Ganesh. We gave Spoiled Brat RM1500. But Spoiled Brat only gave him RM800. (That is like our government projects, past every level got tax wan kanineh!). After that Ganesh stopped bothering our workers so much. But you can feel he still beh syok on the small small safety issues wan. He will keep looking and looking like beh tahan, waiting to explode and scream at the workers. Limpek think Ganesh got obsessive compulsive disorder. Siao wan.

So on second day there, limpek was doing site-walk with Spoiled Brat. As usual, everything seems to be going well. At one end, Spoiled Brat looked up and limpek follow to see what he was looking at.

Two Indon workers were on the steel scaffolding, about two floors above ground. They were supposed to be lining cables. Two floors really isnt that high and for a quick job usually safety harness is neglected. Then these two monkeys started messing around...

It was actually quite a hard jab

The guy (Yus) was obviously pissed.

The other guy was as quick as Ip Man.

Who would've thought...

A smooth fall, it was not...

Extension planks broke his fall. Twice...
And finally...

Limpek look over and Spoiled Brat was looking like this...

Although limpek wasnt sure if he was more freaked out about Yus's injury...

OR this guy who's ALWAYS nearby

But Yus knew about Ganesh (heck, the entire site does). And a hero always think about the team first.

Right away he bounced back up. You'd think he only fell from a bicycle. Except his leg was kinda pointing at a very, very wrong angle.

And then he wasn't exactly convincing...

Ganesh might not have seen how far up Yus came falling from. He just stared really hard, as though he's about to eat someone. The other guy quickly came down to help carry Yus to the medical room, before Ganesh explodes.

Two floors isnt all that high... but its not all that low to fall from as well. Yus fell like a meatsack and yet, he's still standing! What on earth is this guy made of?!

Pride. Thats the answer.



Deng deng deng!

This reminds limpek of a story...

That limpek will only post in two days hohohoho!


  1. Why make me wait 2 days la!!!!!
    Post ASAP la

    You always make me laugh non stop whenever I read your blog!!!

  2. Seriously, put the funny shits aside, you have really good shits at paint LOL!


  4. blutank, aiyo give some time... winpaint is sibeh sibeh mah fan wan leh!

    Jz, it really is the stupidest and most inefficient way to draw la nabey, but lazy to hand draw and scan and edit. Lagi mahuan.

    Anon, wah kamsia kamsia!!! limpek also will lup you nong nong time although anonymous!

  5. You'll nvr get this shit in IT most you'll only get people getting warning letter for surfing porn in office.

  6. your drawing is getting better! that guy really geng, still can say good after the fall. Horseplay is always scary when working.

  7. Maybe u can change ur job liao.. ur drawings are good ! hahaha

  8. omg~bribery is so rampant! no wonder our developmental projects always so freaking expensive and seldom finished on time. Anyhow, safety first should be practiced at all times lor.

  9. HansemIT, hahaha office surf porn also can kena check wan!??!

    Nana, without horseplay working in these conditions will be too meaningless...

    Kelvin, read the new post, limpek also wat!!! waHAHA

    Xu, who going to hire winpaint illustrator lar?!

    blue, hahaha boh huat, malaysia boleh mah! apa apa pun boleh! Safety equipment too xpensive, taboleh taboleh! XD

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