Monday, March 29, 2010


Chua Soi Lek wins erection!!! Can you believe it? Malaysia Chinese really beyond saving and really deserve to get fucked on the asshole by those UMNOputras. This notorious pai kia head also can win by such big majority. Every connection he has also links to big time gangsters. Every vote he gets also he buy with money wan. Wtf. Malaysian politics really got no dignity wan. Its smelly like sweaty bangala armpit in a packed bus.

Okay but all these accusation is baseless and all hear from people tell me wan la… so don’t believe all (limpek quite scared the ISA come catch me and fuck my backside and throw to Kamunting for sedition.) You know la… Malaysia cannot simply simply tiao ruling party. U say MCA no good, u kena soot. Say DAP full of goon, all your projek oon oon eat bee hoon. Say UMNO no good!? Walaueh, they twist your lampahzi around your dick to make ribbon on top. Ok maybe not so bad la. Maybe u just suddenly fall off tall building. Or kena explode by c4 to pieces. Special democracy they call it… puah bai!!!

Anyway this Chua Lo Lek (always wear big gold shiny lolek watch wan this guy) I personally see before in a temple function. That time was after his porno DVD scandal with the auntie wan came out (auntie wearing Victoria secret lingerie wan wahlaueh my eyes want to grow pimple). So everybody thought he was going down and will soon be deem insignificant.

But then its not just the sex scandal la, coz everybody also know these rich fucker politicians all also got amoi left and right. All always go china to loot all the young xiao long nus. So ke-lian the young xiao long nus kena loot by these Viagra infused reput dicks, instead of my Godzilla. But these rich fucker politicians can pay much more, so the xiaolongnus also fuck me not free la actually. What to do. Life is like that. Whores are like that. Actually… most people are like that.

But this Chua Lo Lek, when he give speech that time, limpek feel lagi boring than when my headmaster Mr. Ch’ng last time gave speech in high school. Abit also no charisma! Abit also not motivated! Abit also no aura of someone important or a leader! Kaninah you know sometimes in school Monday mornings got assembly and the stupid ketua pengawas go give a gugujiao speech and everybody falling asleep? This Lolek Chua is liddat. Completely dismissable!

And another time I happen to be at a function where Ong Tee Ko was giving speech. Although he’s from MCA (party I pang pui to), but this guy can give very good speech! When he tok, people will listen. Not playing with their iphone or tickling their girlfriends ling ku like normal Lolek speeches. He also got the leader aura, like someone very important just walk into the room. Lolek only feels like someone very hamsap just walk into the room, going to touch your backside. Somemore Ong Tee Ko open the issue with the Port Klang Free Zone scandal that swallowed billions of Malaysian ringgit!! Our money!! You know how many xiao long nu can teman you for that kind of money? Zhu Hai line up until Shen Zhen ah!! At least Ong Tee Ko try to make issue with that although he might have his own agenda.

But the most lucky thing is Ong Ka Ting didn’t win. Kaninah this Ong Kata Nothing…. Do nothing, say nothing, erection 08 win nothing. Somemore got the lampahzi to try and come back. When the UMNO bully Chinese, he always sit there knock his lampahzi against each other and never say anything. Come back for what? Walaueh bad people really wan to live forever and never quit wan.

So my friend Fatty Wie say got people placing bet in Johor on who was going to win. Apparently the odds is best with Ong Ka Ting winning!! Can you believe it? Chinese Malaysian stupid boh you say? Singaporeans always laugh at us say we sua ku and stupid. Its actually quite true! (But then Singaporean also quite stupid, tiam tiam kena tekan gahmen everyday in everything).

The point is…… MCA erection also can bet money wan ah?! Chinese people really lau kui and really cannot save wan. Last time I think it was Mahathir that said, Chinese people, how many stone in the hand also they want to bet. Its true!! Kaninah! Everything also want to bet!! Everything also want to gamble!! Gamble until pokai already then go find ah long!! Then when ah long burn your shop then you complain gahmen. Puah bai!!

Eh wait… that’s not the point. The point is, actually it might be a good thing also that Chua Lo Lek wins. This will just further damage MCA reputation as a completely donkey Chinese party full of asses. Then next erection, maybe MCA will be wipe out kau kau lat. Then maybe things will start to be better for Malaysian Chinese.

But then again you never know. If the infamous Tiong ‘King’ Sing (Mr. I-own-3-aeroplanes-and-I’m-government-ATM) is really back Lolek wan… die liao. Spend more money and these cheap Chinese rakyat prostitutes (men & women) will just vote for them again. And then all his pai kia tailou kaki will come and whack the opposition… and search for me to burn my Godzilla. Shit… now I very scared liao. Puah bai.

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